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Med Claims Compliance secures 5-year contract with Texas CNS Hospital - Med Claims Compliance | Remi

(Austin, Texas) Med Claims Compliance (MCC) is pleased to announce one of its newest customers in Northeast Texas. Texas Central Nervous Systems Hospital (Texas CNS Hospital) is to be constructed at the site of the old VA hospital in Marlin, Texas. Texas CNS Hospital is a 170,000 square-feet 350 patient rooms facility.

Texas CNS Hospital will utilize MCC’s RemitOne™ Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology software and services for their Patient Registration, Electronic Medical Records, and Revenue Cycle Management throughout the entire facility. MCC is the single source IT vendor for Texas CNS Hospital and will provide all Network Infrastructure, computer Workstations, servers, tablets, Phone Systems as well as provide all technical support.

Texas CNS Hospital will provide mental and behavioral health treatment services and resources that are much needed throughout Northeast Texas. Texas CNS Hospital will also accept transfer patients from as far away as El Paso and Amarillo.

Med Claims Compliance RemitOne™ works at the point of care as a front-end clean claims processing technology through voice-enabled Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies that not only capture the patient encounter but also generate a structured medical record of the patient encounter and translate it into an electronic claim form that is submitted to the payor. This streamlined approach enables care providers to focus solely on their patients – without the burden of data entry and complex coding while knowing a high standard of regulatory compliance is upheld.

“RemitOne™ technology software will be fully integrated in all aspects throughout our facility. This will allow us to enhance our documentation, cost reports, Medicaid compliance, and Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC) strategic services for the hospital and physicians alike. By using MCC’s tablet and AI software as our main tool, the patient will feel and see the difference while getting their one-on-one point of care.” said Jeff Livingston the Hospital Administrator.

MCC’s CEO, John Bright said “We are super excited to have Texas CNS Hospital as part of our quickly growing portfolio of customers. This will be another great example of how RemitOne™ enables facilities and providers to focus strictly on exceptional patient care.”

Contact: Melody Masterson, Vice President of Marketing Phone: (737) 263-3100 Email:



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