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Provider Burnout Due to High Volume Patient Messaging

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Primary care clinicians have among the highest rates of burnout across clinical specialties, with approximately half of primary care physicians in the United States reporting high burnout levels! A recent survey study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that 70% of clinicians reported experiencing stress related to the use of health information technology and that such stress was independently predictive of burnout. Time spent on documentation and time spent on EHRs at home were cited as key contributors to burnout.

Patients are requiring more time and communication with healthcare providers. The use of patient portals has increased 151% since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. With the addition of the 2021 time-based medical decision-making option, providers can document this correspondence with the patient regarding their treatment plan, and review of test results within the same day of service. However, this adds to the increasing burden providers face.

Keeping track of the patient portal inbox is an important task for medical providers. Providers need to be able to manage their inboxes, identify patient inquiries, and keep a predictable timetable by which they will respond to patient messages. AI and different machine learning tools show promise in helping providers to sort through patient portal messages that pose high-risk inquiries and pushing them to the top of the inbox. This could allow providers to respond to urgent matters more quickly. Currently, this is a manual process and finding a way to automatically perform the process can save time spent on reading the messages.

The proprietary technology-enabled process improvement model utilizing RemitOneTM allows providers to gain back control of their time and refocus on delivering quality patient-centered care. Contact our team at to find out more or visit our documentary segment that aired on CNBC here:



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