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Interim Final Rule Aims to Protect Healthcare Consumers from Surprise Billing

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

  1. Banning surprise billing for emergency services. Emergency services, regardless of where they are provided, must be treated on an in-network basis without requirements for prior authorization.

  2. Banning out-of-network charges for ancillary care at an in-network facility.

  3. Banning high out-of-network cost-sharing for emergency and certain non-emergency services.

  4. Banning other out-of-network charges without advance notice. Coding and billing responsibly is a priority for MCC’s RemitOneTM platform. By removing the administrative burden from the provider, clean and compliant claims are submitted and paid correctly the first time, ensuring the patient isn’t left with surprise billing charges. If you’re a healthcare provider looking to submit clean, compliant claims that process correctly on the first submission, contact our team at to find out how you can utilize RemitOneTM to improve clinical documentation, coding, and compliance, all while providing quality patient care. To see more about MCC and RemitOne, visit our documentary segment that aired on CNBC here:



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